Many businesses think their brand is about them and spend huge amounts of time and money trying to tell THEIR story when in fact their brand should not be the hero.

This approach is a big mistake.


To create a reputable brand and grow your business you should invite your customers into a story that: 

1️⃣ Addresses a real challenge or obstacle 

By offering education, solutions and suggestions to solve real life problems your customer will be able to relate to the product or service and recognise their need to engage with you.

2️⃣ Gives them a plan to overcome it 

Lay it out for them – ensure they understand how easy it is for you to help them overcome their challenge (even if it is just getting the right footwear for a certain occasion or learning a new software that will enable them to fulfil their tasks more quickly.)

3️⃣ Calls them to action 

Give them a nudge to get in touch and make sure you offer plenty of ways to transact – whether it’s placing an order, booking an appointment or picking up the phone. Make buttons, links and contact details visible and simple for them to follow.

4️⃣ Helps them envision a better life for themselves 

Demonstrate how the customer can benefit from your product or service – show appealing yet obtainable photographs or videos, include facts and statements about how your brand can directly improve their situation.

In other words, be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalkers. 

Potential customers are far more interested in why THEY should purchase from your brand than about your brand itself and by letting them be ‘centre stage’ will help them to relate and engage.

What story does your brand tell customers? 

We can help determine how customers perceive your brand by reviewing your current marketing material.

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