A good investment or a waste of time?

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and put simply is the organisation of existing or potential client/customer/supplier info stored safely in one place.

A CRM system is not just for big businesses it can work well for any size company. We all store data in different ways using notepads, phone, spreadsheets, and in our heads. It just means you take all of this and put it into one place that is safe and secure and helps cover off GDPR compliance – bingo!

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

✅ Store data in one place on the cloud.

✅ Access data from anywhere.

✅ Allow you to make notes and track customer data.

✅ Share with a team or clients.

✅ Manage emails and save correspondence.

✅ Helps organise business processes and tasks.

✅ Makes you feel professional


A CRM can do so much more… to name a few more advanced features:

✳️ Add bespoke fields to manage data.

✳️ Send email campaigns. 

✳️ Analyse response rates.

✳️ Set up sales funnels.

✳️ Import leads from website and marketing activity.

✳️ Automate workflows.

Setting up a CRM is something that I will help organise for most of my clients and it doesn’t always have to take lots of time or be really expensive. There are so many options on the market depending on your size of business, your processes, and how it operates. Many are free which is great to test how it works for you and your business.

In my opinion, they are a great investment.

If this interests you then look out for my next blog post that will be about how to pick a CRM system.

If you’d like to discuss CRM for your business, I offer a FREE 30-minute business review.