Our souls need time to think, create and process.

Some days we need some time alone,  all of us do – even extroverts. Working, homeschooling, and planning 3 meals a day can take its toll. We can use that time in many different ways – some of us quietly reading a book, through meditation, traveling alone, a boozy bath, watching a film, exercise and the list goes on.

When I’m busy with work and need to be creative I often go for a run. This picture was taken on one of my many local runs. It was absolutely lush to see all of the beautiful colours of nature and the different smells of the trees and flowers as I ran.

I brainstormed quite a few things and came up with some smashing ideas and some creative solutions to meet business challenges and goals.

We are all entitled to time alone and just because we are not sat at a desk doesn’t mean we aren’t being productive.

How do you take time out and be creative?