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It’s our job to understand where we need to plug the gaps to reach your goals in line with your expectations.

Every one of our clients have different needs and our strength of being experienced and adaptable enables us to identify and provide services that each business needs to achieve objectives. Whether it’s strategic planning, working as part of your team, setting up new teams and systems or delivering campaigns to generate leads or increase sales we can provide the expertise to get it right. The following are some of the services we at Astuter can provide:

Marketing Research

We cannot assume anything and it is important that we continually research our environment to inform key business decisions that will help achieve business objectives. Using secondary desktop and primary questionnaire/focus groups we will carry out in- depth analysis of your internal and external environment to include employees, customers, clients, stakeholders, competitors and market places.

Marketing Strategy

In order to achieve business and marketing objectives we must develop strategy to keep your business focused, on track and within budget. We will create this strategy using internal analysis of your business assets and performance, your aspirations and vision together with your marketplace opportunities and possible competitive advantage.

Brand and Design

Developing a relevant brand strategy and identity is key to positioning you brand within your chosen target market successfully. Every touchpoint with your brand must be consistent to grow brand awareness and ultimately brand advocates. We can do this by ensuring that your brand encapsulates your company’s personality and value through every aspect of business.

Marketing Plans

This lays out the exact plan and activity of work that is required to achieve your business and marketing objectives. We will produce a full project plan of exact work streams and timing plans to ensure it is managed effectively.

Integrated Communication Plans

It is key to develop a plan of marketing activity that will reach your target market within the budget you have set. In order to reach maximum exposure and campaign success we will plan this very carefully.

Social Media Strategy

Social media forms part of the integrated communications plan and dependant on your business and who you are trying to reach this plan will vary. The new digital platform creates a whole new playing field for marketing and it is key to stay abreast of the continual developments to ensure the right channels are used to maximum output.

Marketing Implementation

If your need someone to implement your marketing activity then we can help. We are confident and experienced in delivering a full range of marketing mix activities that deliver results. At Astuter we have access to a range of trusted partners who can deliver tasks only a specialist can truly deliver with success.

Review and Analysis

The market, competitors and customer behaviours constantly change that’s why it is absolutely crucial that constant analysis of budgets, activity and return on investment are reviewed. This is part and parcel of any work Astuter carry out.

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