When brainstorming your campaign creative and channels there is no standing still. There is always a new stat, channel, or technology release that you have to consider.  

On a continual basis, new trends appear that transform the way we and connect with our target audience and compete with other brands.

To create successful marketing campaigns you not only have to keep up but keep ahead within the fast-paced marketing world.

Inbound marketing is one of them right now.  In this last year due to unprecedented changes in how we consume information outbound tactics have become less effective.  The shift from in-person activities to hybrid working from home has seen an increase in virtual activities encouraging us marketers to become more creative.

There is a plethora of webinars and events online all fighting for the attention of consumers so the challenge is to how to polish up the PowerPoint presentations from someone’s home office and create something exciting with value and interesting content. 

The processes of creating successful inbound marketing need to be based on producing relevant and content that connects with consumer needs and desires.



How have you changed your marketing approach? 

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