Do you have a marketing strategy or plan to help you achieve your goals? Or do you randomly post things on social media and wonder why it’s not getting you a return?


The clarity you can achieve when rising above dense trees to see your journey ahead can be likened to creating a marketing roadmap to actualise your marketing strategy. It’s like cutting through everything to create a clear journey to reach your destination. Essentially it is a tool that plans your goals and the steps you take to achieve them within a set timescale.

Key Points to remember when planning your roadmap:

  • Ensure that your map aligns with your branding and advertising which support quarterly and yearly business goals.
  • Know what you are measuring so you can ensure that the content of your map is going to be right.
  • Visualising your roadmap always makes it easier to see and track successes along the way.
    Remember that a plan can and most probably will be altered at some point as we all know that we cannot account for unexpected events. Being agile and flexible is a key attribute to success.