Last year, Astuter got involved in #kickstart to give young people their first break into a career that uses their talents and aligns with their passions. Happily, we found Charles and Melodie, two young creatives looking to expand their skills and experience. 

After a 6 month-long adventure, here are their thoughts:

Charles Metrebian, our junior graphic designer, recalls his experience.

“After graduating, it became really difficult finding a job because of the pandemic, but fortunately, the Kickstart scheme gave me an opportunity to develop my skills and experience within a safe working environment.” 

He adds: “Working with Astuter has given me a great opportunity to learn a lot about graphic design, branding and market research. I was well supported by communicative and reliable colleagues and had access to an array of learning programs to fill in any gaps in my experience.”

Melodie Rebourg, who worked as a marketing assistant, reflects on these past 6 months: “Being drawn to the performing arts and creative fields, I was always reluctant to get a so-called ‘normal’ job, by fear of not fitting in or feeling trapped,” says Melodie.

Yet, she recalls: “Working at Astuter was really enlightening to me. The unconditional support and dynamic training we received from Sonia changed my perspective about marketing and business. I’ve learned that marketing combines creativity and wits, using the perfect amount of left and right brain activities. There is a constant sense of challenge and freshness that is appealing to my hyperactive mind.”

She concludes: “The trust Sonia put in both of us since our first days encouraged me to come out of my shell and slowly explore untapped potential.”

Using the Kickstart scheme can really give your business the boost it needs – I’d be more than happy to chat to you about how we make it work for Astuter – Just get in touch.