Empathetic marketing is about seeing the world through the user’s point of view or “walking in your audience’s shoes”. Data collection is a valuable tool, but without empathy and bonding, it becomes meaningless.When you get a feel for what your customers need right now, it becomes easier to evoke the right emotions in them. Here are 5 empathy-based marketing tips: 

1 – Reflect Your Customers’ Reality and Feelings 

Humans are creatures of habits. We are more likely to trust and feel drawn to places, people and situations we are familiar with. As a business, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Take some time to observe and study your audience. This includes carrying out audience analysis to adapt your message to their interests, level of understanding, attitudes, and beliefs. Ask yourself: What do they value? What surrounds them? What type of entertainment do they consume? 

Empathy is also about representing and mirroring others’ experiences. Once you’ve pinned down how your target customers feel, think and live, use elements of their environment in your messaging. Include cultural references, people, places or random situations that your audience recognise. 

The more relatable and empathetic your marketing feels, the more positive responses it will receive.


2 – Capture Everyday Life 

Similarly with reflecting your customers’ reality, creating content that echoes authentic experiences and daily events can make your brand more accessible.It will show your audience you care and are in touch with them. 

What does it feel like to put gas in the car and watch the price rise on the chart when you’re short on money? How does it feel to hold a hot coffee cup in chilly weather or smell sweet pastries when coming out of the gym? 

Mirror your audience’s life as an omnipresent narrator and take their side by using a touch of humour or light-heartedness. Again, a thorough analysis will help you identify what your customers’ everyday life looks like. 


3 – Use Engaging Visuals and Educational Content

This isn’t a secret anymore: 90% of the information our brain picks up on is visual. The past couple of decades have seen most of our content and information turn visual or audio. As a result, the average attention span is now down to 8sec. Most people don’t have the time or energy to read or examine written content for long periods of time (if you’ve read until here, well done!). 

The key is to create a simple and striking message that is quickly consumable. Use empathetic designs and colours to trigger the right emotion and response in your audience. When creating content, think: easy to read and instructive. Divide information by priority and present it straightforwardly. 

Your audience will thank you and so will your sales objectives.  


4 – Include Interactivity

In our digital era, most of our needs and wants are answered by advanced technology, while entertainment is now available at the end of our fingertips. 

Using interactive marketing is a brilliant way to create personalised experiences or blow the mind of your customers with highly responsive content and solutions. Show them how far your business is willing to go to provide the experience they deserve. 


5 – Promote user-generated content

Social media and influencer marketing have prompted the rise of advertising created by customers for customers. User-generated content works like word-of-mouth and recommendations. Customers want to see people who look like them and go through the same experiences using products or services. In other words, users are more likely to trust other users when making purchasing decisions.

Our sense of belonging makes us prone to imitate others, especially those we respect. From self-made consumer videos to client testimonials, letting your users speak on behalf of your business can help skyrocket public’s approval and trust.

If these 5 empathy-based marketing tips have helped you and you’d like to chat about whether your marketing is empathetic enough, please get in touch. I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation.