A website is a much-needed marketing tool for business and if designed, developed, and nurtured well it can be your best salesperson.

There is so much more to developing a website than just throwing information onto a web page.

Before you start there are a few things you will need:

✅ A consistent brand to work with
✅ consistent message
✅ A clear understanding of your services and what your customers need.
✅ A journey and call to action for your visitors.
✅ An understanding of what you need to manage – the backend database and your keywords so your SEO can be set up so you can be found.
✅ Analytic tools to manage and improve its effectiveness.
✅ An understanding of trends and tools you can use link your channels.

It doesn’t stop when it’s launched – to get the best out of your website it’s a continual journey.

Is your website working hard enough for you?

Here are five of some of the myths related to websites: