While it is crucial to nurture and grow the relationship with your existing customers and continue to have them purchase regularly, you’ll eventually need to expand your target as you can’t forever rely on solely one group of buyers.

This might imply expanding your location, such as a new city or country. It could also mean changing the age and economic class of your audience or shifting from a women’s only offer to include men too. It could as well involve switching strategies to incorporate B2B instead of just B2C.

No matter which direction you take, some homework is needed. An in-depth investigation into your new prospects will optimise your transition.

This will influence your business voice tone and your marketing strategy. You will need to adapt your approach and find a new way to resonate with your chosen audience while keeping your brand core identity.

Should you expand your social media channels? Redesign your landing page? Boost up your expertise and offer new services?

Make sure to lay down solid foundations before marketing your brand new audience. Brainstorm, study, plan and launch your next business step!

Are you planning to expand your business?

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