What if your killer headline was just under your nose? 

“As creatives, we’re so quick to rule out the obvious, but we should be seeking it out”, says copywriter and author Dan Nelken.

One effective marketing strategy is to reflect the audience’s reality to create a memorable message. Digging out human truths and relatable facts can do wonders for your writing and marketing campaigns. In his book, ‘A self-help guide for copywriters’, Dan Nelken advises to “make truth lists” to give life to your writing and bring it closer to the audience.

Are you running a campaign for Valentine’s Day? 

Make a list of truths and general feelings about that day, then inspire your messaging from these ideas. 

Example: “Valentine’s Day feels pretty lonely when you’re single” or “A lot of men don’t like Valentine’s Day”.  

You might need to explore a couple of options and have a go at several formulations, but it’ll be worth it. 

As you attune to your surroundings and walk in your audience’s shoes, brilliant ideas will come out from places you least expect. Often, these were just in front of you.

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