Have you ever heard of colour psychology? It is the study of how colours affect our perception and influence our behaviour. According to Emerald Insight research, about 62-90% of our purchasing decisions are based on colour. Choosing the right colour pallet for your branding is critical to convey the right message to your customers and influence their attitude. Not only does colour marketing have the power to influence moods and feelings, but it also differentiates your products from competitors. 

However, research has also found that color highly depends on personal experiences and cannot be universally translated to specific feelings. Personal preferences, cultural upbringings, and context bias the effect that colours have on us.

Strategic colour use can get your audience to see what you want them to see and help them perceive you the way you want. On the other hand, poor colour choices might damage your brand image. The wrong colour palette for your content or logo can be less noticeable or hard to read. 

How to use colour marketing for your business?

Think about what you are selling and ask yourself (or collect customer feedback via surveys): Does the color fit what’s being sold?

See, perception is all that matters. Colours can influence how customers perceive your brand personality. Therefore, colours should support the identity you want to portray instead of solely aligning with stereotypical colour associations. Green doesn’t always mean calm and brown doesn’t always refer to ‘earth’. In fact, you can use colours differently in various contexts and yet make a powerful statement in all instances. 

Additionally, you may want to consider your target demographic and see how specific gender, culture or age group perceive colours. When crafting your brand image, don’t limit yourself to one tint. There are myriads of tones and shades you can combine to create your perfect visual identity.

So to help you with your choice, here is a list of some common colour perceptions. Remember, these associations can vary and should only be used as a starting point to match your brand identity. 

Colour Symbolism

RED – Energy, drive, passion, excitement, confidence, anger, courage, strength

DARK to MEDIUM BLUE – Trust, intelligence, loyalty, respect, peace, trust, truth, competence, creativity, refreshing

TURQUOISE – Healing, protection, communication, joy, discovery, modernity,

YELLOW – Vitality, confidence, happiness, warmth, creativity, cheer, joy, success

PURPLE – Wisdom, intuition, mystery, luxury, spirituality, inspiration, dreams, magic

GREEN – Growth, tranquility, intelligence, health, independence, wealth, safety, balance 

ORANGE – Enthusiasm, success, determination, friendship, youth, sociability, belonging, fun  

BLACK – Power, control, elegance, control, authority, bold, mastery, sophistication

GREY – Stability, authority, high-tech, graceful, sleek, neutral, modern, reliable

WHITE – Purity, honesty, simplicity, cleanliness, clarity, minimalism, innocence, luxury 

BROWN – Longevity, conservative, trustworthy, rugged, nature, security, outdoors, reliable 

PINK – Compassion, playful, innocence, love, kindness, creativity, femininity, sexuality

To sum up, colours resonate with our deepest instincts, which triggers decision-making. Don’t miss on any opportunity and show off your business !

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