Digital Additions

Digital Additions was launched in 2004 being first to market with a multi-channel business supplying non-branded digital accessories.  The growing trend for digital photography and increasing use of gadgets meant there was an opportunity to offer an alternative solution of products at more affordable competing against the branded versions.

Within 24 months became a key player of digital accessories on eBay and Amazon achieving profitability within the first year and turning over more than 500k within the first two years.

The Challenge

In 2004 I recognised a gap in the market to supply affordable digital accessories to the UK market enabling me to launch a true e-commerce business.  The challenge was to establish a position quickly and to capitalise on business sales before the big players including Amazon came in to take over the marketplace.   This gap gave me the opportunity to use all of my marketing expertise to launch my own business and I went on to become the founder and managing director of a first to market online retail store selling digital accessories.

The process

This is where a truly learned how to be commercial, through continual research and analysis I was able to organically grow my business through clever marketing strategies to achieve turnover 500k within 2 years.

Not only did we sell internationally but with imported goods worldwide, trading largely with China and Hong Kong using a number of different currencies and banking facilities.

Our unique proposition was to provide quality items at a reasonable price delivered next day if ordered before 12 pm.  In order to achieve this, we had to develop and manage the significant, robust and efficient fulfillment process.

In order to stay relevant and successfully I had to continually develop the brand identity, e-commerce website, and all online marketing – digital marketing, social media, Google AdWords and SEO.  Managing profitability was key to staying in business for so long which meant clever management of budgets, cash flow, and profit margins together with analysis of business results to forecast and inform marketing strategies.


Digital Additions enabled me to run a very successful eCommerce business for 12 years achieving profitability with the first year of trading and growing the business year on year thereafter.

We sold on multi sales channels internationally via an online store, Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten. During the early years, eBay actually spent time learning from Digital Additions when they spent a week at my offices following and learning our process as a case study as we were one of their top-selling shops.