Project Description

Brickmort Developments

Brickmort Investments was a successful business purchasing property to rent, growing and establishing a healthy portfolio of properties exceeding £200min value.

During 2015 Brickmort decided to venture into bigger developments specialising in changing the use of commercial premises to residential from 50 -800 units.

Within 20 months established a successful property development business with more than 10 significant developments being profitably managed to timescales.

The Challenge

I was bought in to establish and launch a new arm of the business to buy commercial buildings and land to convert into residential properties for sale and rent.  This was a mix of private residences and partnerships with many councils to provide housing.   This meant setting up a new department with effective processes and relevant resources and skills to manage the new arm of the business quickly and successfully.

The process

Using the experience and commercial experience of running my own business I was able to apply this to establishing the new arm of Brickmort Developments establishing a new team, processes, and systems to manage the new requirements.  The project required to learn and put in place skills and resources to manage the intricate and complex element of making a profit through property developing.  A new brand was developed with links to the existing Brickmort brand refreshing the look and feel.  Each development launched required a new brand strategy and identity to attract the right target audience to suit each development.

I formed part of the executive team to launch the property development business, responsible for marketing and project management of varied residential developments ranging from 10 to 800 units.

The set-up of each development also required company formation and financial information packs to acquire funding for developments; managing the planning process, approvals and appeals with councils and architects; Project manage all contractors and professional services to deliver the developments within timescales and budgets; and manage budgets and accounting for Brickmort Developments and each special purchase vehicle(SPV).


Within 20 months we had successfully acquired 10 developments being managed by a team, recruited by myself, to include developing a brand strategy for a suite of interlinked company brands, managing marketing and advertising to include identity, website development, social media, CGI’s, brochures, stationery, and sales materials. Followed by managing the successful marketing and sales of each development. During this period, we outgrew our premises so I managed an office relocation including planning, construction/re-development, office design, and fit-out. ​​​​​​​