Barley House Agency

Barley house Agency are based in Cuffley Hertfordshire and are now an integrated Creative Agency offering strategy, Creative, Digital, Marketing and Production.

In just under 6 months we created a totally new agency and operating model with a result of increasing existing business and winning clients to increase brand awareness and achieve new business objectives.


Barley House were a well-established design for print business offering some creative services. They recognised the great opportunity to develop and launch a relevant integrated creative agency to support how the marketing requirements for business have changed over the years. This was in response to how digital has altered the marketing platform combining it with traditional techniques to achieve success.


I joined Barley House Group with the challenge to launch a new agency, working alongside the Creative Director, creating a new brand and business strategy to re-position it as an integrated creative agency. Very quickly we created a whole new agency model which included: targeting strategies, new brand strategy/positioning with guidelines, a new CRM system and marketing automation tools to manager clever marketing campaigns, a suite of new products to include client brand workshops, new business pitch processes, agency workflows, new internal environments, digital and social media strategies, training/appraisal programmes for staff and financial forecasting with measurement tools.


A new department was established for client services with a suite of processes to successfully nurture existing clients and an abundance of new leads generated. With a result of generating brand recognition within our targets markets and winning new work to deliver marketing services within sectors including IT, pharmaceutical, property, mobile communications and education.