Allan + Bertram

Allan and Bertram are a very well established B2B supplier of luxury calendars.  They are market leaders within their industry and have won many Callies awards for their calendars.  They collaborate with many prestigious brands such as BMW, the British Olympics, Swarez the artist and many other well-known photographers.

We created a new brand identity and positioning that retained links to its heritage brand at the same time as evolving it in order to make it relevant and attract its current target market.    This was launched together with a full marketing strategy and plan to achieve growth potential and objectives.

The Challenge

Allan and Bertram were historically a family business running for more than 20 years and their identity was very well established and changing this, politically, would be very challenging.  However, it was absolutely required to stand against fierce competition within their market.  Also, to ensure they remained current and relevant they needed to evolve their brand to appeal to their existing clients and new target markets.  The brand was outdated and did not demonstrate the vibrancy of the calendars and how luxurious they actually are.  There were no marketing objectives and consistent marketing to create brand awareness and grow sales.

The process

This project gave me the opportunity to work on a luxury brand, it was important that Allan and Bertram remained true to its business model of producing the fines calendars in the world.  It was also key to involve all stakeholders to ensure that the new brand strategy was developed with the full support of the management and sales team so a brand strategy workshop was managed to help this buy-in.

A complete audit was completed to produce a marketing and project plan of actions to assist in achieving the business objectives and sales targets.


As part of this work a new brand strategy, with positioning, was developed together with a renewed brand identity that was relevant to its brand values and marketplace.

All marketing communications and media channels were updated including a new website with new functionality to improve client order processes.   All sales collateral, social media strategies, email marketing, and customer retention programme.  A new CRM system and sales funnel process was created to manage leads through the sales funnel process.

During the re-development of the brand, the BMW contract to supply their promotional calendars was secured and a new website planned and developed to process all of their BMW orders within UK and Europe.