Lombard Direct

Lombard Bank was a small company, owned by the Nat West Group, selling personal loans.  In 2000 they decided to expand Lombard Bank using the credentials and backing of a big bank and the history of Lombard they chose to rebrand as Lombard Direct.

Within a year they launched a new recognised brand for loans with a first to market unique product of variable loan rates, achieving their objective to meet an increased trading performance of 12.8m.


They saw the gap in the market to launch a variable loan product available to the mass market which was not attached to a person’s bank and available to apply over the phone.  In order to cash in on this opportunity they needed investment and backing to make their mark quickly.


During 2000 they successfully launched a new brand “Lombard Direct”.  This was a first to market product of a personal variable loan rate with a unique proposition of considering everyone and offering a rate according to your financial and risk record.  They also offered this service over the phone rather than visiting a bank or financial advisor.

Lombard Direct was extremely successful at delivering an integrated above and below the line marketing campaign launching their first TV advertising, supported by press advertising and direct mail.

As part of the process we managed a full brand overhaul change from the legacy brand Lombard Bank Ltd to the new innovative brand – Lombard Direct. Promoting the brand positioning internally, providing support tools and guidelines.  Developed customer relationships through research, customer contact, customer magazines, surveys and feedback to increase customer retention and produce increased volumes by 49%.


The company grew from 30 to over 200 staff in less than a year to support the increased revenue growth to meet the trading performance of £12.8m.

Overnight Lombard Direct became a recognisable household name achieving levels of promoted brand awareness of 84% of the UK population (source NOP).  This was recorded within the year of launching the new brand.  They also achieved 22% share of voice for TV and Press, within the top 10 direct loan providers during 2000.