Can you spot the difference?

All brands evolve over time.  Often they can be small tweaks to align with brand positioning and strategy.

It’s interesting to spot alterations big brands make, and recently I noticed that Walkers have made some changes to their packaging. However small the tweaks would seem, they would have been carefully planned and executed with a purpose to engage with their customers across all their communications.  

We may know the product looks different but not always sure why.  You don’t have to be an expert to observe differences: My 10 year old noticed the change, I asked her what was different – she said ‘the pack looks more 3D and they are using persuasive words’.  I was pretty impressed.  

Some changes I noticed:

✅ The brand has been modernised a little by using sans fonts where there used to be serif.

✅ Added a playful but yet funky script font.

✅ The crisps look more real to life.

✅ Removed the playful imagery. Replaced with subtle wallpaper of endorsing words – Crisps since 1948.

✅ Added a clever strapline  – When life gives you potatoes … make crisps.

✅ The British flag.

✅ Added Positive words – ‘Some see potatoes, we see potential’.

I’m sure there are more differences – can you spot any?


spot the difference Walkers crisp packet


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