There are so many strategies and methods to develop a brand and it can become overwhelming where to start. Here is one of the methods my team and I use to create consistent and compelling brands:


Internally – your goals and vision
Externally – competitors and the marketplace

Brand Wheel
Enabling you to discover purpose and ultimately create something people love. Usually broken down into 5 categories inlcuding values and personality.

Single-Minded Proposition
The most important thing about your brand. The one compelling reason why someone should buy from you.

Perhaps one of the most excting bits of the process as it’s everything visual to bring you brand to life inculding a logo, colour palette and typography.

Tone of Voice
A consistent recognisable voice that is authentic to your brand.

Brand Guidelines
A set of rules to create a unified consistent brand.

Brand-building is a continual process – when you design it you must nurture it. The first steps may seem hard but once you do it right you may well fall in love with the process just like me.

What process do you most enjoy using in your line of work?