The time of shallow, self-serving, and fabricated marketing pitches is gone. In our current times, authenticity creates effective marketing and honest content generates more engagement. In fact, modern consumers give more credibility to brands that share transparent and relatable content. Rather than harassing your customers with dull sales pitches, choose to engage with them more organically. Here are some tips to create more authentic content. 

Believe in your product

That may sound evident, but you would be surprised to see the amount of people who promote products and services they aren’t fully convinced of or aren’t truly passionate about. Doesn’t sound very authentic, isn’t it? To create an authentic marketing, you have to believe in the product. It’s about figuring out why you personally believe in what you have to offer—and then relaying that message to potential customers. Clearly identify your business purpose and make sure you understand your industry and connect with your company’s mission.


Craft an authentic tone of voice

A unique and genuine brand tone of voice can help your audience perceive your business in a positive light. Words have power and when choosing your communication style and emotional tone, select a manner that looks and sounds like a real human being and feels relatable to your audience. A piece of advice? Write like you speak and speak like you mean it. Once you have identified your business purpose, it is then easier to find your unique voice and inspire the audience to endorse your brand. To do so requires you to know your niche and be familiar with your targeted consumers.

Personalise your content 

When you know your niche, you can better identify what your audience needs and wants. Empathetic customer insights and research can help you create personalised marketing that resonates with your public. From cultural/ geographical content personalisation to product recommendation, the future of marketing is becoming more and more intentional.

For instance, if your customer is referred from another website, you could insert a friendly “Special offer only for our visitors from X!”. Or if they came from Linkedin, you could place pull quotes with “Share on Linkedin ” buttons throughout your content.

Polish your brand story

Steve Jobs once said, “The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come”. Spend some time elaborating and improving your storytelling skills. Bring your audiences closer to your brand by showcasing your ideology and culture at the forefront. How did you start? What do you believe in? Be honest and daring. Show the unique makeup of your business. For instance, think of showing your behind-the-scenes or demonstrating the making of a service or product. Garner testimonials and user-generated content as the public trusts the opinion of other consumers or fellow community members. Use striking visuals that elevate and represent your brand in the most 

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