The time of fabricated and self-serving marketing pitches is gone. Today, transparent and relatable content is seen as more credible by the public and generates more engagement. So rather than harassing your customers with dull sales pitches, choose to engage with them more organically. Here are some tips for more authentic marketing.

Believe in your offer

That may sound evident, yet many business owners promote products and services they aren’t convinced or passionate about. To create authentic marketing, you must be your own advocate. It is about finding out the features of your brand and the proposition you relate to the most and sending this message to potential customers. You might need some time to identify your business purpose and research your market to create a brand that’s authentically you.

Craft an authentic brand voice

Words have power. Choose a communication style that sounds human and feels close to your target audience. A simple advice: write like you speak, and speak as you mean it. Once you’ve identified your business purpose, you can easily find your unique voice and inspire the audience to endorse your brand. However, it requires you to know your niche and be familiar with your target consumers.

Personalise your content 

Once your niche is defined, the next step is to identify your audience’s needs and wants. Empathetic customer insights and research can help you create personalised marketing that resonates with your public. From geographical content personalisation to product recommendation, the focus is on creating more intentional marketing.

Polish your brand story

“The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”- Steve Jobs.

Bring your audiences closer to your brand by showcasing your ideology and culture at the forefront. What do you believe in? How did you start? Be genuine and show your unique business features, such as behind-the-scenes or the making of a product. In other words, find out what makes you unique and make it a big deal. Also, garner testimonials and user-generated content to build trust with your consumers. Don’t forget to use striking visuals to elevate your message and create a memorable brand experience.

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