A Diligent Explorer

Astuter is a London and Hertfordshire-based boutique marketing consultancy, leading businesses toward profitability since 2015. For us, marketing is about using creative intelligence and strategic insights to get to grips with the brands we sell.

All our decisions are backed up with proven marketing tools and commercially focused solutions to set your business apart, increase revenue and provide long-lasting results. As brand experts and lovers, we keep observing, learning and thinking about how businesses can optimise their message and find unique pathways to success.

Using a broad range of traditional and digital marketing activities, we employ time-tested methods while staying on top of trends to attract and retain brand advocates. With access to talented experts within the marketing industry, Astuter takes pride in discovering new ways to connect brands with customers and build clever businesses.

Do you need powerful branding? Drive traffic and engagement? Or turn prospects into leads? No matter your objective, we bring your vision to life and provide your business the resources it needs to shine.

Astuter - Transformation Marketing - Sonia Turnbull

Who is st ?

Our lead consultant and founder, Sonia Turnbull, is a CIM qualified chartered marketer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across companies’ B2C and B2B sectors. Her passion for insights and vibrant spirit empowers teams and clients to craft powerful brand narratives that generate growth. Sonia’s keen eyes strip everything back to uncover hidden gaps and opportunities to lead businesses toward new and greater territories.

After working with some of the world’s largest organisations, Sonia has a proven track record of successfully launching businesses to drive revenue growth and new channel/product generation within mature businesses.

Her strategic expertise and access to field expertise enable her to implement and direct marketing operations for success, while patiently mentoring all parties involved.